When her mother became ill in 2007, Akili needed to quickly return to Tanzania to care for her. She had been living in Ireland for several years but did not have the resources to return so suddenly. Additionally, she was an undocumented migrant and did not have a valid visa. Akili approached the staff of the Dublin office to ask for help in arranging a way home. The IOM assisted Akili in organising her travel documents and plane ticket so that she could reunite with her mother as soon as possible.

After arriving in Dar Es Salaam, Akili applied for IOM’s reintegration grant with the hope that she could open a beauty salon and begin supporting her mother. With the grant, she took hairdressing and beauty courses, as well as learned to drive. She also purchased chairs, sinks, dryers, combs, towels, and other items necessary to open her salon. Thanks to the assistance from IOM, Akili was able make her unexpected return a positive experience.

Although it is hard to find employment in Tanzania, Akili feels that the training and education she received will help her in the future. In her first year as a business owner, she is already able to support her family. The income even allowed Akili to buy her own house. In the future Akili hopes to expand her beauty skills so that her business will continue to grow.