Daniel came to Ireland in 2008 to apply for asylum. He remained in an accommodation centre for one year, but decided to return to Kenya so that he could work. A social worker recommended that he contact IOM, so Daniel made an appointment to apply for voluntary return.

Daniel returned to Kenya in 2009, and immediately applied for IOM’s reintegration grant. He used the fund to purchase farming equipment and sheep, which he could breed on his family’s land and sell to local butchers.

After six months, Daniel spoke with IOM staff in Kenya about his business. At the time, it was making enough of a profit to support his family. Daniel felt that he had made the right decision in returning. “I encourage those still in Ireland to start new lives back home. I, and returnees like me, have settled back home successfully and have experienced much from both worlds. We know that it is possible to make it back home.”

"You need to plan your return back home, find a project of business to start, and implement it."

Daniel would like to visit Ireland again. For now he explained his goal is, “To grow my business and take care of my family.”