When Misha lost his job in Russia in 2007, he moved to Ireland with the hope that his qualification and experience as a civil engineer would allow him to work. He found temporary jobs but by 2009, Misha had exhausted his savings and was unable to find steady housing. Misha’s friends told him that IOM could assist him in returning to Russia.

After he returned, Misha could not find another job in his area. “It was difficult to start everything from the beginning at my age.” Misha decided to apply for the IOM reintegration grant so that he could start his own business. IOM in Russia helped him develop a business plan to begin construction services for building foundations for individual housing projects.

“IOM assistance was very helpful, especially with obtaining the business license, preparing the business plan, and communicating with the vendor and business partner.”

Misha was contacted by IOM staff in Russia six months after he started his business. He was glad to have returned to Russia and to have begun working again. “I worked in construction business many years. I’m a civil engineer and I’ve got an excellent professional experience in building houses.”