Musupi came from Zimbabwe to Ireland to apply for asylum in 2007. He stayed in Ireland for more than two years during his application process, and then decided that he wanted to return to Zimbabwe. He learned about the VARRP and approached IOM staff to ask for assistance.

Before he returned, Musupi prepared himself for the economic conditions at home. He said, “There are many business opportunities…but jobs are not easy to come by.” Because he researched employment before returning, he quickly found work as a university lecturer in Sports Science and Coaching. He is hoping to contribute to the Zimbabwean sports industry, especially to Paralympic sports, and says that he would like to study internationally again.

“This is the best time to be back home…though you must have something to fall back on when you get here.”

He also contacted IOM’s office in Harare to apply for the reintegration assistance from the VARRP. He wanted to begin a party entertainment business to supplement his teaching income. He used the grant to purchase equipment, but it was not enough to cover the full cost of what he needed or to support his family in the meantime. Musupi is working to expand so that hopefully his entertainment business will become profitable.