After her employer promised to secure her a work visa in 2007, Nadia came to Irelandand settled in an apartment. After six months, however, Nadia’s work permit had not materialised. When her travel visa expired, she was anxious about her financial situation, and about the fact that she was now undocumented in Ireland. She decided to return to South Africa and contacted the Gardaí for advice. They put her in touch with IOM, who assisted Nadia in returning to South Africa.
Nadia described her first months in South Africa as, “starting over from scratch,” but now she feels confident that returning was the right choice. With the support of family and friends, she found a job as a restaurant manager. After a month, she also began receiving reintegration assistance from IOM Pretoria so that she could become a fitness instructor. Nadia was not able to complete the training immediately but says that she is, “going to carry on from day to day and hopefully finish the fitness course.”

“If it was not for IOM I really don’t know what would have happened to me. I was already irregular in Ireland and I would not have been able to pay for my return myself.”

Although it is difficult to find work, Nadia is “definitely happy” to be back in South Africa. She and her daughter plan to stay there permanently.