Danko and Nikita both came to Ireland from Ukraine, looking for good jobs to support their children. Danko came to Ireland first and Nikita joined him two years later. After a few years, however, they both found themselves without work. In 2011, they realized that they missed their children too much to be separated from them, and decided to return.

Danko and Nikita could not afford to pay for their return after such a long period of unemployment. A friend recommended that they ask for assistance from IOM. Danko met with IOM staff and learned that he and Nikita could apply for support with the cost of their return.

In Ukraine, Danko and Nikita supported themselves and their children with help from family. Danko found seasonal work in agriculture, and Nikita was eventually hired as a cook. Nikita was frustrated with how long it took her to find a job, and wished she had known more about the labour market in Ukraine before returning.

“The IOM program gives a great opportunity to return and start everything from the beginning at home.”

Danko still dreamed of starting his own business, and decided to apply for the reintegration grant. He received some materials to begin building a small hostel in their village. He hopes to one day lease rooms for tourists, and that Nikita can manage the kitchen. After six months, the project was not yet completed, but Danko and Nikita are confident that it would provide a sustainable income after it opens. Danko strongly encourages those who wish to come back home to go to IOM for assistance.