Nothembi came to Ireland to apply for asylum in 2009. She stayed for only six months before deciding that she wished to return to South Africa. “I could not get work or study in Ireland. I decided I wanted to return home and carry on with my life.” Nothembi spoke with her solicitor, who told her that IOM could provide assistance for her return.

After she returned, Nothembi received support from her friends and family until she decided what to do. She did not feel she had enough experience or funding to start her own business, so Nothembi decided to look for training opportunities. She applied for IOM’s reintegration grant to get a Call Centre training certificate. She received the training through a computer skills centre, who immediately began placing her for temporary jobs. With the certificate, she is also able to apply for more permanent employment through the same company.

“I am happy that I can continue with my life.”

Nothembi spoke with IOM staff in Pretoria six months after she returned. She was glad to be with her family in South Africa, and did not wish to emigrate again.