Semir left Kosovo in 2010 as an irregular migrant.  He explained, “I heard from friends for the possibility of prospering in life.” The adjustment to Ireland was difficult but soon Semir felt that he wanted to stay. He said, “In the first sight, I experienced a kind of cultural shock because of the differences of Ireland with my country, but later I got the best impression of the country.” 

Semir lived in Ireland and began working part-time jobs, hoping that he would be able to apply for a work permit. After a year, however, he felt that it was unlikely that he would receive permission to stay in Ireland. He decided to return to Kosovo. Semir learned from friends that IOM could assist him, and he made an appointment with the office in Dublin to discuss his situation. Through IOM, he received assistance with his flight and was met by IOM staff on arrival.

Semir was concerned about leaving Ireland to return to Kosovo. He decided to apply for the reintegration grant, and with the fund was able to enrol in university to complete his degree in economics. “I was extremely worried, how my future is going to look like, what I will be doing, how I’m supposed to support myself materially. A part of worries have been realistic but some expectations have been realized. I registered myself to the university and got a scholarship stipend from the university and also found part-time work.”

“When I think it over, I think the decision was right.”

It is still difficult for him to earn a living as a student, but the scholarship helps. Semir feels resettled into Kosovo. “In the beginning I felt sorrow for returning but with time I got used to it!” His family was especially happy to have him back, and he is currently staying with his parents.

Semir wants to complete his degree, and then will think about where he wants to live and work in the future.