Siziwe came to Ireland from South Africa with her son in 2005. She did not have a work permit but hoped to find a job that would provide her family with a better life. After four years, however, Siziwe was unemployed and could not find housing. She consulted the South African Embassy about her situation, and they referred her to IOM.

After speaking with IOM staff, Siziwe learned that she and her son could be assisted with organizing their travel papers and with the cost of their return to South Africa. IOM also offered a reintegration grant, which Siziwe could use to return to school.
Siziwe and her son returned to South Africa in 2009. She immediately applied for the reintegration grant so that she could pay her son’s school fees. Siziwe also enrolled in school, and is working toward a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. “IOM’s reintegration assistance really helped me to settle back home with few financial problems.”

IOM Pretoria contacted Siziwe six months after she returned to monitor her reintegration.

“If you are in the situation that I was in, I would definitely recommend IOM.”

Siziwe was very busy with her course and was looking for part-time work. She was happy to have returned said, “I want to finish my studies. It would be wonderful if I could find work to support my son and myself.”