Uzair came to Ireland in 2006, hoping to find work that would allow him to support his wife and parents in Pakistan. He worked for four years at a variety of odd jobs. In 2011, he became unemployed and could not find a place to live. He could not find another job because he did not have a work permit.

A solicitor told Uzair that IOM could help him return to Pakistan. He made an appointment with staff in the Dublin office and learned that IOM could assist him.

“If you are living with irregular status, you should come back to Pakistan by taking IOM assistance.”

After returning, Uzair said that he had a difficult time adjusting to life in Pakistan. He received family assistance until he applied for the reintegration grant that IOM Ireland had available. With the grant, he began a paper-cutting business in his local city. After six months, Uzair reported, “I am getting a small profit to support my family. Sometimes, I am just able to cover costs, but I am still trying to expand by getting credit from family and friends.”