Vadim came to Ireland in 2007 to find greater economic opportunity than he had in Russia. He worked for several years but became unemployed in 2011. With no way to support himself, Vadim needed to return to Russia but could not afford the cost of travel.
A friend in Ireland recommended that he contact IOM. Vadim visited the Dublin office and applied for assisted voluntary return. He received support with the cost of his travel to Russia, and was also told that he could apply for a reintegration grant to start a small business.

After returning to Russia, Vadim lived with his family until he began working in construction. He applied for the reintegration grant so that he could purchase his own building tools. Vadim also took out a small bank loan to help him start his own freelance construction business. He can now take small building contracts, or assist on larger projects.

“If you want to return home, do it.”

Six months after he returned, Vadim was contacted by IOM staff in Russia. His business was still growing, and he believed it will provide enough work for Vadim to support himself. He is now married in Russia, and is glad to have returned. “I plan to finish my education and find a permanent job with stable income.”