Viktoria came to Ireland in 2008, hoping to find better work than she had in Ukraine. She lived in Ireland for nearly two years, until she suddenly lost her job. With no way to support herself, Viktoria decided to return to Ukraine to live with her family.

Viktoria heard about IOM from friends, and she made an appointment to visit the Dublin office. She learned that IOM could assist her with the cost of travel back to Ukraine, and that she could apply for a reintegration grant.

For a few months after she returned, Viktoria lived with her family and received their support until she found work. She was a skilled tailor, and so applied for the reintegration assistance to purchase sewing materials to create and alter clothing from her home. To supplement her income, she also began working as a manicurist. She does not yet earn enough to support herself, but Viktoria is confident that her client base will grow.

Viktoria spoke with IOM staff in Ukraine six months after she returned. She said that she was happy to be back with her family and did not wish to emigrate again. She is now saving money to enroll in training for manicure and hairdressing services.